Hello again

I had a problem:
1. I was able to open one certain web page with
   any normal browser and got proper output
2. I was able to open the same page with cURL
   and got the same proper output
3. When I used fopen("http://server.com/","r")
   or file("http://server.com","r")
   I got bunch of errors
4. When I used snoopy and sent all the headers
   that cURL sends (double checked) I got:

   Microsoft VBScript runtime  error '800a01ad'
   ActiveX component can't create object: 'some.calc'
   /script/path/file.asp, line 123

I suppose that the web page I try to load does
something on browser side. But how come that cURL
does it with no problems? How to handle it?

I have to get it done in one and a half hour.
I'm a dead meat....

                    Kamil 'Hilarion' Nowicki

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