On Wed, 3 Oct 2001 08:52:47 -0500, Sheridan Saint-Michel wrote:
>I wasn't saying anything about the quality of Editplus.  I was just
>what justification there was for the statement
>"It has more than I could even use including everything TextPad
>has and nicer colors for the different styles" since Textpad lets
>you set
>of your colors from a 16.7M palette.

I'm sure he meant that he prefers the default colors in editplus to
the ones in textpad. since most people probably never get around to
changing the default colors, I guess it makes a difference. For me
tho, the main advantage editplus has is that it lets you edit remote
files (last time I looked at textpad, it didn't), if only it used
sftp I would be completely sold.

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