On a conceptual level, I for one am a great fan of the kludge.

Every piece of software is a trade off between performance and speed of

You can have the fastest app in the world for $1,000,000 in development time
you can write up a in-elegant solution in 5minutes ($50) and if its slow buy
a bigger
server for < $5000.

You choose.

Taken in relation to PHP. I would rather have the developers of it release
new code
that is not optimized, then have 1 release every two years, full of very
pretty blocks
of code designed to make the hardcore OOP textbook fanatic orgasm.

 Check out mozilla.org if you want to see what elegant programmers can do.
- 2 years later a web browser intended to be small and fast, can know take
out your trash,
 wash your car - and guess what?
no release 1.0 yet.


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