Exelent, as I said I was playing devels advicate, I like PHP a lot, I am
trying to get someone else to use it to and they came up with this stuff.

> if(condition) include 'file';

Is exactly what I was looking for.  As 'if () {}' loaded, or at least
parsed things I did'nt think another form of if would be different ( RFM-;)
).  Maybe I should stop developing for a while and have a good wade through
the manual.  Its so easy to do stuff in PHP it's easy to get lazy!


Rasmus Lerdorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 04/10/2001 18:21:28

Subject:  Re: [PHP] PHP is a Bloated Kludge, discuss!

> PHP on the other hand seems to load in ALL the code that MAY be run. i.e.
> an include brings things in which are inside an if,  even if the if
> to false.

That's not true.

  if(condition) include 'file';

That will only include the file if the condition is true.  Very easy to
verify for yourself.  So a bunch of your points related to this are void.

> Then there is the way database connectivity is handled.
> There are a load of functions (again in the core language) with there
> containing the name of the database you are connecting to.
> For example all MySQL functions are mysql_something and I guess all
> ones are oracle_something.  This would only be a minor inconvenience
> because wrapper functions can be written but from what I can gather
> different databases have different functionality available.

There is both a C-level abstraction layer called dbx and a user-space one
in PEAR.  Plus a number of others.  So again, this makes your next points

> Got a nast feeling that ASP (spit) does something like this.

As does PHP if you had bothered to look.


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