Use JavaScript within PHP.

If you want to open a new browser window, add the following to the script
echo " <script language=javascript>'url','winname','window features');</script>" ;

look up the 'open' method in JavaScript.

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Subject: [PHP] Another Header headed nowhere

What I want to do is to open a new browser page after some data is entered in a form.  
I have a
$php_self that enables $high_value and $low_value to become set and the code snip 
comes after the
end of the form.  From reading a help book and looking at the on-line manual, I think 
I need to send
a header() command (this might not be true, if there is another way, I'll try it 
too).The following
code snip is several lines below the top and it gives me the following error message:

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at
/www/serviceprovider/directory/page3.php:4) in 
/www/serviceprovider/directory/page3.php on line 364

code snip

if (isset($high_value) and isset($low_value))
 header("location:";);  / / this is 
line 364

Your help and advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

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