> Well, if you only update the fields that changed then who cares?  The
> fields that Jill changes are going to overwrites Jack's changes anyway.
> Locking the record and having Jack finish before Jill can start isn't
> going to change the end result which would be that Jill's changes are
> going to overwrite Jack's.

The reason for this is because the data that Jack enters could potentialy
affect the data that Jill enters.

Example:  Jack is an administrator at a forum somewhere.  Jack is editing a
post that Jill entered to remove inapropriate content.  Meanwhile Jill is
editing the same post to revise what she said seeing that it could be
mistaken for being inappropriate.  Jack saves, Jill Saves...Jacks stuff is

OK that example is poor I admit...but do you see the reasoning behind
locking?  If a lock was in place Jill would't be able to edit her post
because she would get a message stating that Admin Jack was allready editing

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