I don't think get_lock will work here anyway since the only way to
use it is with persistent connections, and there's no guarantee the
person will get the same connection with the second request, he
probably won't. without persistent connections the lock will die when
the script finishes.

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001 18:48:53 -0700 (PDT), Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
>> A.  Browser Closed Before Finishing Edit:
>>       From what I have read Get_Lock locks are
>>automatically released
>> when connections terminate.  I'm new to this so am unsure if MySQL
>> terminate the connection when the browser is closed.  If not does
>> disconnect users after a certain time?  And is this a configurable
>No, a mysql connection is server side and has absolutely nothing to
>with what the user does with their browser client-side.  You can't
>make a
>mysql connection close when someone closes their browser.  And no,
>does not disconnect users after a certain time.
>> B.  User goes to lunch before hitting Submit
>>     I was thinking of putting a timout feature in the browser
>>so that
>> after say  5 minutes a prompt asking the user that has the record
>>locked if
>> he is still working or wants to cancel.  This popup would have 20
>>seconds or
>> so before cancel was automatically selected and the lock is
>> C.  User types in www.something.com and leaves the editing page in
>>     I have no idea what to do in this situation.  If MySQL can
>> configured to boot a user after so may minutes of activity then
>>that is the
>> solution.  As with possibility A I am unsure.
>> Sound Feasable?
>No, I see all sorts of problems with this.  Personally I would put
>check at the commit stage.  Maintain a record modification counter.
>before committing the changes check to see if that counter has
>changed, if
>it has warn the user that the record was changed out from underneath
>him/her and put the edit form back up with the changes.

Mark, [EMAIL PROTECTED] on 10/04/2001

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