I've also posted this question in a HTML news group -- but no response has
come... so I'm hoping some here might have experienced this before and can
be of assistance.


My tables autostretch *with* the browser... when I click my submit button on
(say) Page1/Form1 -- everything auto-stretches just fine on the next
Page/Form (ie. my tables -- which are colored -- are flush with the right
and left sides of my browser... which is IE 5.5)

However, when I press my browsers BACK button, then FORWARD button the page
is no longer *flush* on the right hand side (and I haven't resized the
browser) -- I have to do a RELOAD / REFRESH to pull the page back in, then
it's flush again -- this is highly annoying and I know I've seen other sites
where this doesn't occur. It gets "off" about a 1/2" on the right side --
then all pages that follow are all off, unless I (of course) refresh.

My BODY tag reads as follows:
<body width="800" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" leftmargin="0"
topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

Any tips on how I can correct this?  It needs to be flush irregardless if
the user presses the BACK button or not.


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