I was wondering if someone could help me with the following problem
I want to add values to an array, overwriting the existing ones and keeping
the original intact.

array 1 looks like:
    posted = Posted by
    source = Bron

array 1 looks like:
    posted = Posted by1

Now i would like to have the following result:

    posted = Posted by1
    source = Bron

Like an OVerlay  array 2 over array 1 function or something..

Please can someone help me?
Warm regards,

Emile Bosch

 echo "<pre>";
 $array1 = array("text"=>array("posted"=>"Posted by","source"=>"Bron"));
 $array2 = array("text"=>array("posted"=>"Posted by1"));



I was hoping that this below would turn out but that is not the issue
what function must i use to get this result??
      [text] => Array
              [posted] => Posted by1
              [source] => Bron

 echo "</pre>";

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