Hey everyone,

Anyone out there know how i could do this:

I have a client who is an import car tuner.  They would like to feature the
cars they work on in their website.  Instead of creating a new .html or .php
file for every car they add to include the background setup, and the general
content (type of car, owner, etc...) i want to put the information in to
text file and search for it in there.

So that's where i need help.  I want to be able to put the info into a text
file and pass the string to search for through the URL, then match
everything between that line and an ending line in the text file, and print
that out to the browser.

Example: I want to pass a string using the URL (blah.php?car=civic_si) then
search for ##civic_si in the text file, and print everything until it finds
##end.  So the text file will look like this:

This is my content, blah blah

This is more content... yadda yadda

Any ideas on how i can do this???

//Nick Richardson

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