On Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:09:56 -0700, Nick Richardson wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>Anyone out there know how i could do this:
>I have a client who is an import car tuner.  They would like to
>feature the
>cars they work on in their website.  Instead of creating a new .html
>or .php
>file for every car they add to include the background setup, and the
>content (type of car, owner, etc...) i want to put the information
>in to
>text file and search for it in there.
>So that's where i need help.  I want to be able to put the info into
>a text
>file and pass the string to search for through the URL, then match
>everything between that line and an ending line in the text file,
>and print
>that out to the browser.
>Example: I want to pass a string using the URL
>(blah.php?car=civic_si) then
>search for ##civic_si in the text file, and print everything until
>it finds
>##end.  So the text file will look like this:
>This is my content, blah blah
>This is more content... yadda yadda
>Any ideas on how i can do this???

the easiest way would be with sed:
$data=`sed -n '/##civic_si/,/##end/p' $filename`

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