I believe it's an automatic thing, just like when the secure cert is expired
it will tell you that, although the site is secure, its cert is dead.


"Adam Whitehead" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi All-
> I recently went to a website which popped up with a dialog in Internet
> Explorer
> asking if I wanted to install their root certificate into IE's list of
> trusted root certificates.
> I now need to do this with a website I am developing but for the life of
> cannot
> find the code (either server-side or client side..) which will pop this
> window up and ask
> the user if they want to install the root certificate. Can it be done with
> PHP?
> I believe this site did it using client-side VBScript (which would be fine
> given that
> all visitors to this site WILL be using IE) but I don't have the code for
> this, and I'd like
> a better solution.
> I'd prefer not to go the route of having a link to the certificate, asking
> them to save it,
> right click it. install it etc.
> Cheers.
> -Adam

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