Well, php runs the same as apache, so whatever apache can access, php can 
So any files with the db passwords that need to be accessed by php, can be 
seen by all users who can upload php scripts to your server. In the case of 
virtual hosting.

So trust people you give access, even limited,  to your machine.

On Wednesday 24 October 2001 02:42 am, you wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am just configuring up a new web server, and I want to be able to run php
> only in the web servers main document root and in specified virtual hosts,
> I have a fair understanding on how to go about this, but would really like
> some feedback before I get to far into it. Basically the only directories I
> don't want to be able to use php are all the user directories (/~username)
> unless they have been mapped to a virtual host that has the right
> directives in them to enable php.
> BTW: Running Apache/1.3.22, PHP/4.0.6, RedHat 6.2
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,
> Regards,
> Joseph

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