On Wednesday 24 October 2001 11:38, php wrote:
> Firstly,
I use php 4.0.5 and libxml 2.3.9 on several machines without any 

Older php and libxml combinations however caused many segmentation 
faults, especially with not well-formatted xmls.

Are you sure that you warning message is related to libxml library? 
If you compile php without domxml the warning message disappears?

> thanks to those who replied to me last week about xmldom support
> with this error:
> Warning:  Unknown list entry type in request shutdown (0) in
> Unknown on line 0
> I've since tried a few combinations of versions of libxml, and
> expat (dont know if expat would
> matter), any was wondering if anyone who is using dom support
> correctly could
> tell me which versions work for them.
> Thank you,
> Sean

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