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> I am developing a portal that will allow users to perform various
> calculations on their data sets. These calculations (handled by C /
> Fortran programs) will be run as external processes (and may take up to
> a few hours to complete). I am wondering if there is something that I
> can use (either in PHP or as another external process) to act as an
> application server i.e. allow multiple users to submit requests for
> calculations, but place these requests in a queue - perhaps associating
> each calculation with a priority, and handling each request as
> appropriate.
> Can anyone suggest anything that may faciliate this? Any links/hints
> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.

I would separate this into front end/back end systems.

The front end lets people sign in, submit a data set, request an operation,
and set the priority.  It should let them view job status and
reorder/reprioritize the jobs.  All this information gets stored in a
database (three tables - one for users, one for data sets, one for jobs).

The back end runs independantly - repeatedly queries the database to find
the next most urgent job and spawns a program to do the calculation.  Play
with the number of concurrent threads per processor to find a good balance
to keep the system busy but not bottlenecked.

This set-up would make it very easy to distribute the calculations across
multiple systems to speed things up.

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