I am writing a site which is available in different languages.  The idea is
that when the visitor selects a language on the first visit it is then set
in a cookie and remembered so they aren't asked again, I also set the
Language ID in a session to be used through that visit.

The page that sets the cookie and session then moves on to the selected
language using

header("Refresh: 0;url=english.php")

At first I used the Header(Location) rather than Header(Refresh) but I found
that although the cookie and session were set the browser could not access
them.  A quick look on the php.net site gave me the Refresh bit which seemed
to sort the problem.

However with Netscape 4.75 when I call any page that has the Header(Refresh)
function I get a nasty pop up box which says "The document contains no
data".  I then click ok and the page loads exactly as it should but no
matter what I do I can't stop this pop up box from appearing, IE, Netscape 6
and Opera all work fine.

Does any have any ideas???


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