OK, so I defined the variables before using them and that solved the problem. 

I'm still curious as to why not defining them ahead of time would cause the 
data within each string to get duplicated.  In other words, if the query 
results are "a,b,c,d", then by not defining the variable ahead of time 
produces "a,b,c,d,a,b,c,d" which is weird.

At this point, my problem is solved, so this is more of an academic question 
than anything.

Thanks for the help.


On Thursday 25 October 2001 13:03, Jim Lucas wrote:
> I notice that you are concatinating then each time.  try setting them to
> ="" before using them
>                  $companyID_string = "";
>                  $companyName_string = "";
> then:
> while()
> {
>     $companyID_string .= "," . $query_data[0];
>     $companyName_string .= "," . $query_data[1];
> }

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