I'm not sure if you can add functionality using ./config.status, but 
inside that file is the command line you used to originally compile it, 
so what you can do is copy that ./configure line, then add your 
--enable-ftp, and go.

Might wanna run make clean first (not distclean!)


Jeff Gannaway wrote:

>I've always had PHP set up on a shared server before.  Now that I'm leasing
>a server that had it installed, I can change the configuration of it.
>I need to enable the FTP commands.  I found the command in the FTP section
>of the PHP manual, but I'm not sure hwo to actually use it.
>I've tried looking at the docs on-line, but can't tell exactly what to do,
>and I don't wnat to risk crashing my server since so many of my clients are
>running PHP scripts.
>The command I found was:
>./configure --enable-ftp
>I know the directory that my PHP files are found at.  I'm using a
>Linux/Apache system.
>How do I re-compile???  I assume it's fairly easy since I read so many
>messages that say "just recompile PHP with --with-blah-blah-blah....".
>-Jeff Gannaway
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