Well, the switch statement will only run ONE of the functions, never both. 
The default runs and then you break out of the switch, also: shouldn't 
default be at the bottom of the switch? or is that just convention? Anyways, 
there is no way for main() to ever "pass" anything to test_one(), since only 
one or the other is called in the switch (unless your switch is in a loop and 
$action changes in that loop).

Oh, your passing it back in via a form and then telling it to use: test_one. 
Oh, ummm, everytime you submit the code you are calling a new "instance" of 
the script. It will never remember variables between instances unless they 
are passed to the script via POST and hidden fields. At least as far as I 
know...but I might be missing something.

I would try and do whatever you are trying to do without resorting to a 
resubmit or just pass the variable to the function inside main: 

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

On Sunday 28 October 2001 15:48, you wrote:
>  Hi Henrik,
>  > I would think you would need to define $array_test outside in a "global"
>  > environment rather then inside the function since I think/thought it
>  > will just stay scoped in there and that  "global" was used to access
>  > variables which weren't defined inside a functions scope and make it
>  > look outside.
>  Yes, the only way I could avoid errors that occurred when I tried to
> manipulate the array, was to add a $array_test = array(); a few lines
> before the switch statement. Alas, this also emptied the array each time I
> went from one function to another via the switch statement.
>  I guess I am trying something that is just not possible (when I insist on
> using the switch statement)?


Henrik Hudson

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