Christian Reiniger wrote:

> So you want to share the array across *requests*
> That doesn't have *anything* to do with "global".
> Have a look at how HTTP works - each request is an isolated execution of
> a PHP script. it doesn't have any idea of what other pages the user
> already looked at. To archieve your stuff you need session management
> ( has a nice tutorial on this)

Indeed, this is something I only came to know yesterday when Henrik replied
with an answer along the same line: every new instance of the script is
isolated from earlier instances, and therefore does not recognize the array.
I was confused though, because I thought it could be done as I succesfully
transferred other variables. Turned out all those variables were transported
inside a FORM, which does get recognized across multiple instances of the

I'll have a look at documents on session management, thanks for the advice!
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