On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:23, JSheble wrote:
> A while ago an email came through here about how to parse out email
> message from a php script.  The thing that was mostly of interest to me
> is the ability to send an email to a php script, I guess through a
> sendmail alias?  I asked how to accomplish this, and never saw an
> answer come through.  So I'd like to ask again :o)
> Does anybody know what would be required or necessary to send an email
> to an address that would run a php script?

You say sendmail, so do it thusly:

Edit /etc/aliases and add a line like

phpmail: "| /pathto/your/php/script"

and run newaliases to update your alias database.

You'll also need to compile php as a standalone, and put as the first 
line of your php script

#!/path/to/php -q

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