On Sunday 28 October 2001 07:29 pm, you wrote:
> I only fopen my file once...
> My program checks if there is a specific session cookie.  If not (it's a
> new user that browse the site) I set a cookie and try to store the unique
> ID of this user (other cookie) in a file with a timestamp to track which
> user came and when (+ nb of times...).  That's where I use my fopen() then
> I fclose the file.  The fopen("...", "a") creates the file if it's not
> already there but once it's created, it cannot append a new line
> (User;timestamp) to this file : "Error : File exists".

Aha -- I understand.  I also didn't see the first time that you're using FTP. 
 You can't fopen() a file for read/write through FTP.  You can do one, or the 
other, but not both.  


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