I need to be able to automatically change the format and size of an image
when a user uploads it and using imagemagick's tools seems like the way to
go about it.

Unfortunately the server I'm using is Windows based and it doesn't have
imagemagick installed.  I downloaded the Windows imagemagick binaries and
the tools work fine locally from the dos prompt.

I hoped that uploading these files to a directory on the server would allow
my PHP script to use the tools, but either I'm typing in the wrong commands
or the tools won't work on the server.

When I try this little test script:

$file1 = "\\images\\gladius.tiff";
$file2 = "\\images\\gladius.jpg";

$command = "\\imagemagick\\convert ".$file1." ".$file2;
$result = system($command);
if ($result)
 echo("Conversion Done!<br><img src = gladius.jpg>");


I get:
Warning: Unable to fork [\imagemagick\convert \images\gladius.tiff
\images\gladius.jpg] in ....

I've tried using unix slashes and single slashes.  I've also tried running
the script in the imagemagick directory - I didn't get the 'fork' error but
the system function returned false.  I also tried using exec(), passthru()
and backticks but none of them worked (backticks gave a weird CGI error

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  Does Imagemagick need to be installed in
some special place on the server?


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