Hi. I'm new to PHP, and forgive me if I sound ridiculous but I have to ask.
I'll be as clear as possible.

I'm trying to do mail handling in php. I know already about the  mail( )
function, but what it does isn't exactly what I need.
I have an html form that posts the contents of it's field to a php document.
The php document is an html template of a formal letter where the contents
of the form are passed into the letter as variables where appropriate. The
user is able to preview the letter when they are done modifying it.

Now here's where I'm stuck. When the user is finished previewing the html
letter, I want two things to happen: When the user submits, I want the page
itself (with the variable in it) to be emailed to a specified recipient. I
also want a blind copy of specific information from the form to be email to
me for reporting purposes.

Is this possible? and how?

Thanks everyone,
Reginald White

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