On Tuesday 30 October 2001 01:56 pm, Reggie White wrote:
> Now here's where I'm stuck. When the user is finished previewing the html
> letter, I want two things to happen: When the user submits, I want the page
> itself (with the variable in it) to be emailed to a specified recipient. I
> also want a blind copy of specific information from the form to be email to
> me for reporting purposes.
> Is this possible? and how?

Sure -- when you include the variables in the form letter, also include them 
as hidden form fields.  Then, when the user submits the form, you have all 
those same variables that you can do whatever with. 

Another alternative to hidden form fields would be to use url variables and 
put them in the ACTION="..." part of your form tag.  (i.e. <form 

Then, you can simply use the mail() handler as you would normally.



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