There is a command line version of winzip.

I don't know much about it, but a friend of mine was just saying the other
day that he had used it to zip some files at the server in an ASP

In php you could call the winzip exectutable using exec. In asp you'd use
some shell object or something like that.


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Subject: [PHP] Zipping a folder on a win2000 server with php4.06


Does someone out there know, how I can zip a folder with some files in it?
It should be readable for Winzip.

Enviroment: Win2000 Server.
VB was available if useful.
Additional Components (applications, dll's or whatever) could be loaded if

I didn't find a usable entry in the manual, so if you tell me to rtfm -
please point me to the corresponding entry also :)

Thanks in advance

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