I have a problem with php (4.0.6) and ldap (openldap sever 2.0.11):
When I use this .ldif file from shell I can enter this value without
dn: cn=pippo, dc=example, dc=it
uid: pippo
cn: pippo
sn: pippo
objectclass: person
objectclass: account
objectclass: posixAccount
objectclass: top
userpassword: {crypt}$1$a0811139$/xUzQIdsvChM1.mhBZx6j/
loginshell: /bin/bash
uidnumber: 505
gidnumber: 505
homedirectory: /home/pippo
but when I use this php script:
    $ldap_bind = ldap_bind ($ldap_conn, $ldap_manager_dn, $ldap_password);
    $info ["objectClass"] = "person";    #ok
    $info ["uid"] = "pippo";
    $info ["cn"] = "pippo";              #ok
    $info ["sn"] = "pippo";              #ok
    $info ["objectClass"] = "person";
    $info ["objectClass"] = "account";
    $info ["objectClass"] = "posixAccount";
    $info ["objectClass"] = "top";
    $info ["userPassword"] = "{crypt}$1$a0811139$/xUzQIdsvChM1.mhBZx6j/";
    $info ["loginShell"] = "/bin/bash";
    $info ["uidNumber"] = "505";
    $info ["gidNumber"] = "505";
    $info ["homeDirectory"] = "/home/pippo";
    $ldap_bind = ldap_add ($ldap_conn, "cn=pippo, dc=example, dc=it", 
    ldap_close ($ldap_conn);
I obtain tha following error message (in /var/log/httpd/error.log):
LDAP: Object class violation
        additional info: attribute not allowed
Note that if I use only entries tagged with the comment on the right the
add is done...
Why? Can anyone help me please?

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