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> Beyond that, why not keep it conforming to HTML, and use an <IMG> tag,
> for example:
> This is some text <img src="name.jpg" alt="Alt Text" processat="server">.
> That way if you need to view the page "as-is" in a browser or whatever,
> it'd still look fine.. go grab yourself some good free html parser code,
> and analyse the options. If processat="server" then do your thing, and
> re-write the <img> tag. :)

    I think I want something more simple. The idea is to let
    the machine do all of the dirty work, not just in looking up
    the image size, but also formatting the output.

    For example, I'm already using functions like:
    so I will have a similar function:
        emitimg("bird.gif","this is a bird");
    that will do all of the <IMG> stuff, not just some of it.

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