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> In PHP I have tried
> if ($Action == "Submit")  but I get a parse error in that statement.
> What am I doing wrong?  Thank you.  I did an echo $Action to confirm
> that it's value is Submit.

If the variable is set as you've confirmed, then that should work. If PHP 
is reporting a parse error with that line number, note that the lines where 
PHP stopped parsing isn't necessarily the line where the bad code resides.  
Try checking back a few lines; you may have left off a semi-colon or 
somesuch.  Another idea: check that the variable's length is the expected 5 
chars; maybe there's some trailing whitespace that's causing the comparison 
to fail (trim() is handy for avoiding this gotcha).  If neither of those 
solve the problem, try re-posting with a larger code snippet.


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