For Windows, hands down Homesite is the best

Td - Sales International Holland B.V. wrote:

> Hey there,
> I looked on the site for this but couldn't find anything about it. I'd like a 
> list of your favorite text editors (preferable for Linux/XFree) with 
> highlighting. I'm using beaver now, I tried cooledit but it's not me... too 
> much functions and looks like it came from an old 386 :-). I have kde 2.1.2 
> which has kwrite, but it's kwrite does not yet support PHP, kde 2.2.1 does 
> but i don't wanna download the entire kde package. Besides i think it's still 
> in development I tried in on my laptop at home but it just makes things bold 
> instead of all kinds of different colors. also beaver colors for in plain 
> html and has some problems with correctly indentifying /* */ comments if you 
> use more of em. i'm also interested in windows though and i think more people 
> are interested so maybe somebody of the site might also want to keep track of 
> the list so it can be put online
> regards

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