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> Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 9:57 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Problem with fopen() when php is in safe_mode
>       if($dir = @opendir("/home/d5051/public_html/test")){

You're getting filenames from

>                        $fd = fopen($file,"r");
> [snip]
> Warning: fopen("testar.txt","r") - No such file or directory in 
> /home/d5051/public_html/mail.php on line 17

But your script is apparently running in
And trying to open the file in that same directory.

Try changing the fopen line to

        $fd = fopen("test/$file","r");
        $fd = fopen("/home/d5051/public_html/test/$file","r");

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