The simplest way is to use sessions to hold the values, or you can loop 
through the post vars and add them to the menu.php line like 
src=menu.php?var1=xxxx&var2=xxx....... which will get messy if you have a 
lot of fields.

At 09:08 AM 2/11/01, Matt Fair wrote:
>I have 2 pages page1.php and page2.php.  I want to submit the form and its 
>values to page2.php.  page2.php has frames:
><frameset rows="218,*">
><frame src="menu.php" name="menuFrame">
><frame src="editor.php" name="editorFrame">
>How can I get the variables that were submitted from page1.php into the 
>menuFrame?  When I do this it doesn't get any php variables, but if I take 
>it out of the frame it works fine.
>Thanks in advance,
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