It sounds like you have a process where the user does this:

  page1.php ->
   fills out and submits form ->
    page2.php which builds a frameset ->
     menu.php and editor.php as the frames, you want menu.php to
     know what the submitted form values were.

  If you've got sessions going cram them into the session, which would
be the easiest probably.  But if you don't, I'd suggest tacking the
variables on the end of the menu.php url something like this:

<frame src="menu.php?var1=<? print val1; ?>&...&varN=<? print valN; ?>" 

  If the amnount of data is too large to do via a get (I can't remember
how much it is, several K at least), you'll have to use some alternative
method to pass them around, a temp file would work, or stuff them into a
database and pull them out again (making sure to pass how to find them
to menu.php).


On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 15:08, Matt Fair wrote:
> I have 2 pages page1.php and page2.php.  I want to submit the form and 
> its values to page2.php.  page2.php has frames:
> <frameset rows="218,*">
> <frame src="menu.php" name="menuFrame">
> <frame src="editor.php" name="editorFrame">
> </frameset>
> How can I get the variables that were submitted from page1.php into the 
> menuFrame?  When I do this it doesn't get any php variables, but if I 
> take it out of the frame it works fine.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt

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