On Friday 02 November 2001 01:16, Gaylen Fraley wrote:
> Ok.  I've installed php on linux and all is well!  Been running for weeks
> now.  Problem is, I never had to set up my php.ini .  Got curious and am
> wondering where it is.  Locate php.ini yields one in the pear/tests
> directory, but that's not it.  Suggestions?

If you don't have one, PHP will use defaults. In PHP's source directory 
there's a file called php.ini-dist (or something similar) you can copy it to 
where PHP expects to find it and rename it to php.ini.

To find out where you should copy it create a php file containing phpinfo() 
in it and access it with your browser. Examine the output to see where the 
ini is expected (you can define this while running configure during the build 

Meir Kriheli

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