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"Meir Kriheli" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Friday 02 November 2001 01:16, Gaylen Fraley wrote:
> > Ok.  I've installed php on linux and all is well!  Been running for
> > now.  Problem is, I never had to set up my php.ini .  Got curious and am
> > wondering where it is.  Locate php.ini yields one in the pear/tests
> > directory, but that's not it.  Suggestions?
> If you don't have one, PHP will use defaults. In PHP's source directory
> there's a file called php.ini-dist (or something similar) you can copy it
> where PHP expects to find it and rename it to php.ini.
> To find out where you should copy it create a php file containing
> in it and access it with your browser. Examine the output to see where the
> ini is expected (you can define this while running configure during the
> process)
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> Meir Kriheli

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