interesting one here for y'all

 if you use client side JavaScript to write HTML to the browser, eg
<script language="JavaScript"
document.write ('<b>Hello world!</b>');
then look at the page source from IE, the page source will show you exactly
what I've typed above, whereas if you view the page source from Netscape
4.7, it shows this in the source:
<b>Hello world!</b>
(this is the way I ewould expect and want it work)

Unfortunately the (rather complex) script I'm writing does completely
different stuff in Netscrape so looking at the page source thru there to see
what's going on is hopeless - is there any way to make IE behave like NS in
this respect and actually show the correct JavaScript output, rather than
the JavaScript code itself??

Cannot believe that NS4.7 is actually better at doing something than IE!!!

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