"show source" feature is broken in many Netscape (and Mozilla).
MSIE is behaving correctly. IMHO.

You cannot change client behaviours like this.

Yasuo Ohgaki

Moloko wrote:

> interesting one here for y'all
>  if you use client side JavaScript to write HTML to the browser, eg
> <script language="JavaScript"
> document.write ('<b>Hello world!</b>');
> </script>
> then look at the page source from IE, the page source will show you exactly
> what I've typed above, whereas if you view the page source from Netscape
> 4.7, it shows this in the source:
> <b>Hello world!</b>
> (this is the way I ewould expect and want it work)
> Unfortunately the (rather complex) script I'm writing does completely
> different stuff in Netscrape so looking at the page source thru there to see
> what's going on is hopeless - is there any way to make IE behave like NS in
> this respect and actually show the correct JavaScript output, rather than
> the JavaScript code itself??
> Cannot believe that NS4.7 is actually better at doing something than IE!!!
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> Moloko
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