I've tried the recode(), but I think I didn't uderstand it's functionality,
since nothing happens. can someone has an idea in how to convert for example
a string posted by a form in this format "so paulo" to this "sao paulo"??
Does anyone knows how Macintosh's browsers send this special caracteres to

Thank's again

Rodrigo Peres

on 11/1/01 9:17 PM, Yasuo Ohgaki at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Rodrigo Peres wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm in a big trouble. I'm brazilian, so I've made a script to clean up the
>> special caracters from our language in order to not mess up my publisher,
>> but this script don't work in Macintosh (macos 9.1, IE 5, all in american
>> english).
>> This is my code
>> <?
>> function myclean(&$name) {
>> $name = strtolower(strtr($name,
>> " ",
>> "aeiouaeiouaeiouaeiouacAEIOUAEIOUAEIOUAEIOUAC"));
>> return $name;
>> }
>> $temp = myclean($name_actor);
>> echo($temp);
>> ?>
>> What happens is if i try for example to clean up "So Paulo" it prints "so
>> paulo". Why??
>> The "$name" will receive a string form a text field in a form. my html
>> charset is iso-8859-1
> I think you are better to use recode extension for this.
> Check out recode manual page.
> --
> Yasuo Ohgaki


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