Rodrigo Peres wrote:

> I've tried the recode(), but I think I didn't uderstand it's functionality,
> since nothing happens. can someone has an idea in how to convert for example
> a string posted by a form in this format "so paulo" to this "sao paulo"??

recode extension may be broken currently. I saw sevral post 
complaining about it...

I'm not sure how latin encodings (ISO-8859-*) are handled in
mbstring module. You might want to try mbstring encoding
conversion functions. You might also want to try iconv module,
see if it helps. (Note: iconv is broken in 4.0.6)

> Does anyone knows how Macintosh's browsers send this special caracteres to
> PHP???

Most browsers are capable of sending data with verious
character encoding (i.e. It's not Mac specific) Check
your http header and meta tag in html doc at first.

Browser may send data with other encoding other than you
specified in HTTP header/META tag. It's server side
script programmers task to make sure convert string,
alert users, etc. If you want to allow only ISO-8859-1,
alerting user would be esiest.

Yasuo Ohgaki

> on 11/1/01 9:17 PM, Yasuo Ohgaki at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>Rodrigo Peres wrote:
>>>Hi list,
>>>I'm in a big trouble. I'm brazilian, so I've made a script to clean up the
>>>special caracters from our language in order to not mess up my publisher,
>>>but this script don't work in Macintosh (macos 9.1, IE 5, all in american
>>>This is my code
>>>function myclean(&$name) {
>>>$name = strtolower(strtr($name,
>>>" ",
>>>return $name;
>>>$temp = myclean($name_actor);
>>>What happens is if i try for example to clean up "So Paulo" it prints "so
>>>paulo". Why??
>>>The "$name" will receive a string form a text field in a form. my html
>>>charset is iso-8859-1
>>I think you are better to use recode extension for this.
>>Check out recode manual page.
>>Yasuo Ohgaki

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