i was wondering if anyone has some sample code / links which could help
me generate HTML forms dynamically from the fields/types/lengths of
tables in a mySQL database.

ie, if i had a three column table with first (varchar 50), last (varchar
80) & bio (medium text) as the columns, it'd be great if i could use
this information about the *table* to build a html form.

in otherwords, I could generate an <INPUT> named "first" who's max
length was 50, annother called "last" with a maxlength of 80, and a
<TEXTAREA> named "bio" for the medium text, etc etc.

sorry i can't describe it any better!!

i guess programs like phpMyAdmin achieve this, but i'd rather see a
small code snippet and LEARN rather than dig through 1000's of lines of
phpMyAdmin code :)


justin french

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