Hi Scott,

@ 4:13:46 PM on 11/2/2001, Scott wrote:

> As far as I can tell php is installed in /usr/bin and that is the
> directory I tried. There is not a php directory there though, but a
> php executable file. How do I find the right directory? Anything
> else I have to do to get this working?

D'oh, ignore my last message.

Does /usr/bin/php exist?

$ ls /usr/bin/php


$ ls `which php`

If not you may have it installed as an apache module, too. Try this:

$ updatedb
$ locate *php*so

If that gets you nothing try:

$ `which httpd` -l | grep php

In any case, in order to build php yourself (ie. ./configure) you need
to download the source tarball (tar.gz) from php.net.

You're using KMail so I'm assuming your web server is running Linux.

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