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@ 5:01:43 PM on 11/2/2001, Scott wrote:

>  This is my output from $ locate *php*so:

> /usr/lib/apache-extramodules/libphp4.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/dba_gdbm_db3.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/gd.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/imap.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/ldap.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/mysql.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/pgsql.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/readline.so
> /usr/lib/php/extensions/tclink.so
> /usr/lib/libphp_common.so

> This is the rpm install of php that came with M8.0.  Which is the real php 
> directory?  Can it be reconfigured with mcrypt?

Locate your Apache httpd.conf file and look for the LoadModule entry
for libphp4. If that is in fact enabled (uncommented) and PHP is
working (In other words, <?php phpinfo(); ?> in a .php file works)
then you should be able to download the source for PHP 4 and build it

$ apachectl stop

$ mv /usr/lib/apache-extramodules/libphp4.so \

$ ./configure --with-apxs [other options here]
$ make
$ make install

$ apachectl start

to upgrade the module located in /usr/lib/apache-extramodules

If apache fails to start then revert to your old libphp4:

$ mv /usr/lib/apache-extramodules/libphp4.bak \

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