I have been making a website based on the concept of 'no html' which means everything 
is stored either as a file or as a db entry accessed through the admin section.

there are 2 types of pages - a list page and an normal page.  normal pages are 
basically a unique page, such as 'about', list pages contain lists of items such as a 
description + name of a story - linked by a hyperlink to a normal page with the story 
or whatever on it.

my problems arise when it comes to storing both large entries and entries with html.

I have tried storing them in individual entries in a mysql database, but it seems to 
fall over after a certain amount - about 3k characters (i think!) - its not that it 
gives a db invalid entry, but that it doesnt appear to do anything.

I also tried storing each one as a text file linked with the name + entry id number 
stored on the server - again this works fine, but any html gets parsed into html 
friendly style - such as  <a href="default.php"></a> will end up as <a 
href=\"default.php\"></a> which isnt exactly ideal.

has anyone got any pre tried solid methods of editing, storing and presenting large 
blocks of data?


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