At 12:03 10/11/01 -0800, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
>Perhaps because you keep asking non-PHP related questions on the PHP
>lists.  I see a bunch of questions about Apache and .htaccess from you
>which you yourself admitted has nothing to do with PHP.  So, yes, your
>history of lame questions work against you.

ok... sorry about that... I'm desperate...

>But to answer your question, it is very likely your session id will get
>lost through an SSI include virtual.  Probably no way to fix that
>depending on how you are doing things.  Generally using SSI at all is a
>bad idea.  SSI will have to be turned on and that is just as much a hassle
>as turning on PHP these days.

I guess I explained very well my case...

I need to know exactly... sorry if I'm being to annoying, but I got to have 
a precise information... does sessions work with SSI or not? And I need to 
know why... I don't understand the process of an SSI... does the included 
file gets processed after or before the parent? It has its own header or 
its the same as the parents'? I checked with headers_sent() and it seems 
that the included file has its own header, or it wouldn't even register the 
session variables... meaning it could as well work the session...

And the weirdest thing is that, as I explained in my mails, if the session 
gets started elsewhere, then it works beatifully even with SSI... that's 
why I think this is not an expected behaviour...

. Christian Dechery
. . Gaita-L Owner / Web Developer
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