Perhaps because you keep asking non-PHP related questions on the PHP 
lists.  I see a bunch of questions about Apache and .htaccess from you 
which you yourself admitted has nothing to do with PHP.  So, yes, your 
history of lame questions work against you.

But to answer your question, it is very likely your session id will get 
lost through an SSI include virtual.  Probably no way to fix that 
depending on how you are doing things.  Generally using SSI at all is a 
bad idea.  SSI will have to be turned on and that is just as much a hassle 
as turning on PHP these days.


On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Christian Dechery wrote:

> Why doesn't anyone say something about my messages "probelms with sessions 
> and SSI"?
> Is it such a lame question???
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