(Before you write RTFM, please know that I have checked www.php.net,
zend.com, phpbuilder.com, et all, and--in the eternal words of Bono--I still
haven't found what I'm looking.)

The situation:  I extract an array from a MySQL table. Code:

        $models = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM models WHERE
lang='$lang' AND key1='data' AND key2='$series'",$db));

Based on the above criteria, there should be two rows in $modelsrow, with
each row containing about twenty elements.  (A two-dimensional array,
right?)  All I want to do is display the contents of $models.   With the

        for ($i = 1; $i <= 20; $i++) {
                echo $models[$i]."<p>";

...I get just one row.  How can I also display the other row?  I've tried
variations of $models[1][2], but I just can't get right syntax.  (Help is
much appreciated. Thanks.)

If you know of a good tutorial on multidimension arrays + mySQL, that would
be nice too.


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