Small problem...  I used to have a single file that included others
based on some variables set.  However, I've decided instead of including
a different file, I would set a location header and redirect the browser
to the (once included) file instead.  Problem is, now my variables
aren't being passed from one page to the other now.

    My index.php file sets the following in a form:

    // variables passed
    // $email[to]   -> who the mail is send to
    // $email[from] -> from who the mail came it
    // $name[to]    -> the name of the person who will get the mail
    // $name[from]  -> the name of the person who send the mail
    // $picture     -> the full picture-url
    // $comment     -> comment
    // $session[ID] -> a simple sessionID
    // $album       -> album in catalog
    // $startitem   -> page (item) in album

    ...and I need those variables passed on to the file to which I'm
redirecting to.  Any ideas anyone?

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