This is my first foray into PHP (coming from a VB, ASP background). What I
am trying to do should be ridiculously easy, but for some reason I can't
figure out how to do this.
I have a form that builds a dynamic number of text boxes in a loop:

        print("<input type=text name=item" . $i . ">");

that works fine. I end up with a number of textboxes named "item0", "item1",
"item2" and so on...When I submit the form, I pass over the $count value and
I want to loop through the count so that I can ge the value for each textbox
by building the textbox name dynamically. For example:

        print("$item . $i");

Trying to print the value of "$item0", "$item1", etc...Obviously this
doesn't work. What am I overlooking here?

Many thanks in advance,


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