I am trying to determine if todays date ($today) is within a week 
($startcheck) of a given date ($dob). This is what I have so far.

$todaydate = (date("Y-d-m"));
$today = strtotime($todaydate);
// $today prior to strtotime = 2001-10-11
$startcheck = strtotime(2001-08-11);
$dob = strtotime(2001-15-11);

//$today is CLEARLY between the two dates I'm testing with but "no" is 
always returned.

if($today <= $dob && $startcheck <= $today) {
    print "yes";
else {
    print "no";

Here are the values assigned to the vars, why is $today so much smaller 
than $startcheck and $dob?

1002783600 = today
1005452940 = startcheck
1005451980 = dob

win32 php4

Thanks in advance

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