>  > Is is advisable that I mail lots of users from a database via one call to
>  > mail() ?
> why not make a loop and send to one email at a time. if you have over
> 1000 I would use something else than mail(), ex direct to smtp with sockets.


It is my opinion (too?) that mail() is difficult to use in a non-trivial application. 
I have not
used/investigated sockets. I have had good success with a 'wrapper class/function set' 
for mail(). I'm wondering
if I should also look at what you have proposed.

What does the extra effort of using sockets give you that using a decent wrapper for 
mail() wouldn't? For
example do you get a 'msg sent' confirmation advice?

Does the socket-based connection require more than standard access (Id/pswd) to the 
SMTP server? -is it both
Linux and Windows compatible? -is it both in-house server and ISP compatible?

Please advise,
(will appreciate good web references if it would save you time)

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